Thursday, April 13, 2006

Notable Reading for the ALA

I enjoy reading, and wish I had the time and insomnia to accomplish more of it. By "reading", I mean actually picking up a bound chunk of processed wood and deciphering the meaning of the markings on it - I do plenty of blog and newspaper-scanning. I have decided to read more in 2006, and have already finished around half a dozen books, aside from my assigned school reading.

I bow down to "Alicia", a librarian who has been chosen for a two year appointment to the American Library Association CODES Notable Books Council. At her new blog, So Many Books So Little Time: A Year in Reading, readers can follow along as she cranks through dozens of titles and providing brief commentary on each. She'll be on the panel for the next two years, and will read literally hundreds of books during that time.

This is a huge project for Alicia. She's reading several books a week - and these aren't romance novels. I'm jealous, but also intimidated. It seems like reading that much serious literature could be a lot of fun, but it also sounds like a lot of work. Good luck to her, and I recommend her blog highly.


Blogger emawkc said...

Sounds like all Alicia needs is a bank vault, an Atomic bomb and some broken reading glasses and she'll have all the ingredients for a terrific Twilight Zone episode.

4/13/2006 7:37 AM  

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