Friday, January 20, 2006

Frozen Raccoons? Journalism Left on the Docks

From this morning's Kansas City Star comes an illustration of stenography journalism, devoid of the all-important follow-up question.
Restaurant raided

Kansas City police found several thousand dollars’ worth of stolen equipment, along with frozen raccoons, in a local fish restaurant Thursday afternoon.

A warrant was issued around 12:30 p.m. at Louisiana Fresh Fish Dock, 4520 Blue Parkway.

An earlier arrest led police to the restaurant. They later searched the restaurant owner’s Raymore home and recovered more stolen property. Officers took the owner into custody.

In all, police filled four cargo vans with the items.

They discovered 28 tractor tires worth $500 each, 10 new items from Sears, construction tools and other goods.

Police have not determined the exact worth of the stolen goods.
What kind of reporter manages to find out the value of tractor tires, but fails to include follow-up on the frozen raccoons?? Inquiring minds need to know this stuff. How many raccoons? Any apparent cause of death? Did the menu at the Louisianna Fresh Fish Dock include any mysterious or surprising items, like "Mystery Meat" or "Masked Fish"?


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