Sunday, December 11, 2005

Those Merciless Right Wingers!!

Squeamish readers should probably read no further. The latest diabolical plot by the clever right wing media is so savage, so cruel, that sensitive people are likely to burst into tears upon reading about it.

The anti-ACLU genius/radio-attention-seeker Michael Gallagher, along with others of similar intellect, have decided to send Christmas cards to the ACLU! To make this horrible abuse even more staggering, they are threatening to enclose checks with some of the cards, so that the ACLU may open each of them! Those evil bastard geniuses!!

Can you imagine the torment those godless ACLU employees will suffer, as they open cards that have the "C" word in them?? Can you imagine the joy the pious Christians will feel, using cards honoring the birth of Jesus to send a dagger of pain into fellow human beings?

I hope that somehow this awful assault fails, or else the right wing might be emboldened further. Just imagine the pain I would suffer if one of those heartless sons of bitches finds my Christmas list, and sends me every gift on it!

The horror, the horror . . .


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