Thursday, December 08, 2005

John Lennon - 1980

I was in England on this date in 1980, when John Lennon was gunned down by a crazy man in New York City. I was nearing the end of a semester stay in Bath, and the feeling of being in a foreign land had worn on me. While I was gone, the United States had elected Reagan, an immoral buffoon, to the presidency, and I had failed to secure an absentee ballot. I was where I did not belong, and where I did belong had changed utterly.

The news of Lennon's death shocked everyone in England. Some were angry, most were simply sad. I went into a pub where a friend worked, and an afternoon drunk glared at me and spat, "You fucking Americans and your fucking american guns." I finished my pint and left. I wasn't welcome, and I had no explanation why handguns are so easily available in my country.

From the perspective of today, it seems odd how little news there was. There were only occasional TV and radio reports, repeating the same information. There were no websites to speculate wildly about the story, and no fan sites to visit to deepen the feeling. There was nothing to do.

I walked around the streets of Bath, England, alone, for hours. I can remember what I was wearing, and I remember the feeling of my fists jammed into my coat pockets. I wore my hood over my head that day, and kept my head down. My country had killed John Lennon, and I was in Lennon's country.

A little over a year ago, I visited Strawberry Fields in Central Park. It was a beautiful day, and the memorial felt like a place of healing. Here is a photo we took. Rest in Peace.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do I have to keep straightening you out? Again!!

"My country" did not kill Lennon - an individual did. I will not apologize for "my country" for what "my country" did not do. Neither should you.

I have a number of reasons why handguns are so easily available in this country, but you've already made it clear that you're not interested in discourse on that subject, so I'll leave it for another day.

BTW - Reagan will be historically recognized as a great to near-great president.

As to no websites, blogging sites, internet crap to wallow in - I can only say, "ah, those were the days!" Those sites may be available in abundance today, but they are not news; they are the opposite of news. They are simply any idiot whith an opinion (and we know what opinions are like) blathering on.

12/09/2005 9:06 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

Anonymous - I wish you had been there with your approach to things. But it's probably best for us both that you weren't.

I would have fun with you on your other comments, but, out of respect for John, I'll ignore you this time. Peace.

12/09/2005 3:06 PM  
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Excellent website. Good, sensitive writing. Some people think their country is always right. Now, after 10/7/08,the usa has been taken down three or four notches FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. Karma's a bitch, ain't it con- servatives

10/12/2008 9:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW- Hitler is still loved in many parts of Germany still...Reagan was the beginning of todays economic collapse.
The government is bad, regulation is bad philosophy is his EVIL CHILD.
So, anonymous, take your handgun and jam it where the sun don't shine......

10/12/2008 9:23 AM  

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