Sunday, September 18, 2005

Civics Lesson

I sent the following email to my senators and my representative in Congress. If I get any interesting responses, I'll share them. (I normally would not have bothered to send this to Cleaver, assuming that he would be on the correct side of the issue, but he sold us out horribly for the MBNA gift - bankruptcy "reform" - so I don't automatically trust him anymore.)
I understand that Congress may soon be considering a permanent repeal of the estate tax. I hope that you will stand up for the common Missourians, and refuse to go along with this misguided gift to the ultra-rich. We all know that this is not about family farms or small, mom-and-pop businesses. This is about dead multi-millionaires. And, at a time when our president is presiding over the largest domestic-spending increases since I was a child, we cannot afford to roll back governmental revenues any further.

I hope you will be on the side of the average Missourians, rather than the dead multi-millionaires.

Thank you for your service to our state and country.

(Update: Katrina may have delayed consideration of repeal of the estate tax, since even republicans see the disconnect between poor neighborhoods flooded because of republican failures, and handing out tax breaks to do-nothing heirs of billionaires, but at least one republican ghoul is trying to use Katrina to support this insanity. Alabama Senator Sessions is desperately seeking a dead multi-millionaire in the wreckage. I wonder if someone that despicable actually smells bad.)


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