Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Senator Roberts Prefers Gitmo to Kansas

Pat Roberts has always struck me as one of those relatively rare conservatives who is capable of actually speaking the truth, if the stars and planets are aligned correctly. Thus, it came as not a huge surprise that, after a visit to Gitmo, Senator Roberts acknowledged that Gitmo is a better place to be than Kansas.

It does sound like a utopian place for the right-wing. "We strictly observe with reverence all of the prayer calls, five times a day, 20 minutes. And in regards to the health care, my word, they have better health care than many of my small communities in Kansas."

In Kansas, you're surrounded by a bunch of zealots forcing their religion on you multiple times a day, but at Gitmo, you get the same thing, but better health care, and tropical breezes! Such a deal . . .


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