Saturday, July 16, 2005

Self-absorbed Googling

From the referrer listings, I see that someone found my page by searching for "I'm a bad person." By a quick google search, I see that my site comes up fourth for those that search for such honesty on the internet.

On a more positive note, I come up second if you search for political honesty. That's a nice ranking, but it rankles me that "Blogs for Bush", a group blog run by a mentally challenged third grader outranks me on that one - especially since I'm pretty confident they first learned the phrase, and the concept, from me.

Also on a positive note, the ONLY sites that come up if you search "our christlike president" are this site and its predecessor. I expect the right wing to correct this oversight any day, though.

I'm number one for "Good things about Missouri". That seems right, although, in all modesty, I think that the Cardinals should rank higher than I do for those looking for good things about Missouri. Of course, if you search "I bleed Cardinals red", I'm at the top of the list.


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