Thursday, June 09, 2005

Desperate Recruiters Resort to Kidnapping

A week ago, I suggested that, to solve their recruiting problems, the Army should feel free "kidnap any able-bodied young people found in vehicles with 'W' stickers on them". Apparently, the Marines were way ahead of me. A couple weeks ago, they kidnapped Axel Cobb, a 17 year-old kid in Seattle. Unfortunately for them, they picked the child of a woman who goes to folk music festivals instead of George Bush rallies, so she got him back.

Come on, those of you who voted for W, our "war president". Get on down to the recruiting station! Your country is waiting for you and your children! If you voted for Bush thinking his war is justified and noble, then what on earth are you waiting for??


Blogger George said...

Right on, Dan.

6/09/2005 8:54 AM  
Anonymous dolphin said...


6/09/2005 11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, that is brilliant. Only soldiers who vote for the sitting president should fight. If only you had been 60 years earlier you could have issued your words of wisdom to Republican soldiers who did not vote for Roosevelt. I doubt even you can make sense of your incoherent statements. Had your man (sic) Kerry managed to win the war would be going no better, and in fact far worse. After all Kerry voted for the war, but you perhaps you can justify that action by claiming that he voted against it before he voted for it. You have no grasp of history, a liberal characteristic- read something aside from the NY Times, and other leftist publications, and you might find a viewpoint that originates from outside of the Upper East Side.

6/14/2005 4:47 PM  

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