Saturday, May 14, 2005

New Link on the Side

So, I was out at the 75th Street Brewery, talking business with a couple friends, and then a bunch of people from my MPA program showed up. After finishing with business, then, I joined the crowd of MPA students, celebrating the graduation of a few.

One of them started chatting with me about my blog, and that was when I met the charming Andrea D, the intense energy behind I'll Say it With These Hands, a blog I've dropped by on occasion since I happened upon it looking for good writing about live music.

It's kind of funny to meet the people whose work you've admired. That's the point behind the occasional meet-ups organized by KCBloggers. The next one will be on Thursday, the 26th, at Harry's Country Club.


Blogger Eric said...

Hope you can make it, would be cool to meet ya.

5/18/2005 10:35 PM  

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