Sunday, January 30, 2005

It's a Rural Thang

In further proof that Missouri truly is a red state, it turns out that a significant number of Missourians are "noodlers" - people who "jump into rivers and creeks, then reach into bank crevices or logs in search of catfish, wrestling barehanded with what they grab — sometimes snapping turtles or snakes — all while holding their breath underwater." They're mad because the Missouri Department of Conservation has given them a temporary season to indulge this previously-illegal urge, but they are restricted to three rivers, two of which, they claim, are no good for noodling.

If you're keeping score, that means that here in Missouri, you're a despicable oddball if you want to spend the afternoon snuggling with someone of the same gender, but you're A-OK if you want to jump into a muddy river, blindly stick your hand into a log and wrestle whatever you find. That's normal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Normality usually has more to do with majority than sanity :)

1/31/2005 12:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why am I supposed to be shocked that Missouri now permits an admittedly unusual form of "hunting" or "fishing"? I'm more surprised that someone bothered to make this illegal in the past. I also don't see what this has to do with Missouri's stand on same-sex unions. If I wanted to bash Missouri, I could come up with better reasons than noodling - for ex. a predominately Democratic school board in Kansas City that sets new standards for corruption, inefficiency and lack of attention to the needs of our children, a predominately Republican legislature that is completely missing the boat on how to reform the tort system in a fair and meaningful way, and a state university whose basketball team loses to K-State and makes NCAA violations a new art form.

1/31/2005 10:30 PM  

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