Saturday, December 04, 2004

Good Stuff this Week

It would probably be easier to come up with a list of rotten stuff to complain about during this week of turmoil, but I'm going to focus on the positive.

1. I brewed a batch of homebrew with my new equipment. Now, I have 10 gallons of my best shot at cloning Rogue's Mocha Porter finishing up fermentation, ready to put into my new kegging system. If the Republicans are going to drive me to drink, I may as well drink some of the best beer on the planet.

2. I got to show off my new iPod to the legendary Bobby Watson, one of my jazz heroes. That was, in a word, cool.

3. I shook the hand of Emanuel Cleaver, and thanked him for his willingness to go to Washington and represent us.

4. I had a meeting in St. Joseph, at impressive Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art, where I caught up with several old and new friends. As an added bonus, I missed the turn for the museum and saw that a couple blocks away is a Maid-Rite restaurant! Oh, baby, I am SO going back soon for a longer museum visit and a loose-meat sandwich!

5. I got a 49.5 out of 50 on my Financial Management exam. Stupid math errors are all that stand between me and perfection!

6. I saw "Shall We Dance", with a packed house at the Tivoli Cinemas in Westport. It's been called a chick-flick, but I enjoyed it a lot. I have to admit, Richard Gere has it goin' on.

7. I met a few friends from my Rotary Club at George Brett's for an impromptu TGIF on the Plaza - a good wrap-up to a challenging week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My main problem with "shall we dance" is that it's a bleak remake of a perfectly good Asian film, which isn't even old enough to motivate a remake :)


12/05/2004 4:31 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

True enough, Flip, but the women I've talked to say that the scene of Richard Gere in a tux with a single rose was enough to justify the whole movie.

I haven't seen the Japanese version, but a friend and I compared notes, and it sounds like they are almost exactly alike.

12/05/2004 9:29 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

Made-Rite, kick ass! I had no idea they were in Missouri now. I found these groovy places when I went to college in Des Moines, and have missed them ever since. Gotta get up to St. Joe more often now.

12/06/2004 6:59 AM  

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