Friday, December 17, 2004

Clinton Confronts Accuser in Central Park

Because the story is so short, I'll quote the whole thing:
Former US president Bill Clinton still has the capacity to hold his own, as was seen when he was confronted by a man, who accused him of being an embarrassment to the whole country, during a stroll in Central Park. "You were an embarrassment to the office of commander-in-chief," the man reportedly taunted Clinton, reports The New York Daily Times. However, being the perfect diplomat, Clinton said: "Oh, really? I think I did a helluva job.... I'll admit I misled people about my personal life. And have even apologized for it, but I never misled the people about policy and I certainly never misled the people about going to war."

"I hope your children turn out to be as perfect as you are, sir," Clinton added.

Clinton also spent 45 minutes taking questions from some admirers who had gathered around and then walked to a car, where Hillary Clinton was waiting for him. (ANI)
There is so much to enjoy in this story - the fact that Clinton is able to take impromptu questions for 45 minutes (can you imagine W doing that?), the image of some jerk getting called on his Rush idiocy, and the reminder that we have a president in the White House now who has done so much worse for our country than anything Clinton ever dreamed of.

But as a flawed human being who happens to be a parent, I found Clinton's wish for the gentleman to be absolutely priceless - "I hope your children turn out to be as perfect as you are, sir." That has to be the meanest thing anyone could ever say to me!!!


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