Monday, March 22, 2004

A Great Day

Sometimes you wind up in situations that are perfectly natural from the chronological perspective of the unfolding of events, but which are totally bizarre viewed from a more distant perspective. Today, I had the honor of serving as sort of an emcee for a recognition of Lewis and Clark done by the Missouri Bar in conjunction with the Rotary Club. No big deal, really. But, there I stand, at a podium in the middle of the marble steps of the Missouri State Capitol, with a crowd of people spread out on the lawn in front of me, and I have the microphone. I felt like Huey Long! And I thought how odd it was that I, a first generation college grad, should be in such a position.

Even better, I got to listen to am radio there and back. The right wing is in total disarray. Hannity, O'Reilly, Limbaugh - they were all apoplectic and totally incapable of addressing the criticism of OTB2 coming from those who have served in his administration. Like the administration, they really had nothing to say. We are seeing a total collapse of any claim of legitimacy or intellectual validity. All they can do is fulminate and whine that people are publishing books during the campaign, or lie. It was kind of pathetic.


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