Sunday, January 25, 2004

Trent Lott's Hypocrisy

Tipped off by an item at Bartcop, I did a little quotation-hunting this afternoon. Here, taken from the insanely right-wing TruthNews website is Trent Lott in 2000, after President Clinton had appointed an African-American judge to the bench during a congressional recess: "any appointment of a Federal judge during a recess should be opposed, regardless of who they are or whether it is Republican or Democrat." Now, in 2004, Lott claims that the appointment of an extremist judge with antiabortion and anti-voting rights views is okay: "a well-qualified and outstanding jurist. Judge Pickering's record deems this recess appointment fully appropriate."

The man obviously is incapable of even a pretense of intellectual honesty. People like Trent Lott - so quick to adopt and abandon principles for political expediency - are spots of cancer on the body politic.


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