Sunday, January 25, 2004

Republicans and Hummers

This is a truly incredible story of Republicans senselessly throwing tax breaks at their country club friends, while shutting out the average American.

"As part of a $350 billion economic stimulus package passed in May, Congress quadrupled to $100,000 the amount business owners can deduct in the first year when they purchase a qualifying vehicle.

The quirk is, the vehicle has to weigh at least 6,000 pounds GVWR.

But almost every pickup and most SUVs meet that threshold, said John Wendt, a sales manager at JC Billion in Bozeman.

Self-employed folks like real estate agents, consultants, doctors and lawyers all are finding advantage in the tax break."

In other words, business owners are being encouraged to buy massive, unsafe, gas-guzzling behemoths. If a business owner spends the same amount of money for fuel-efficient auto, s/he doesn't get the deduction.

Why? The next time you're stuck behind an Escalade or a Hummer with a Bush/Cheney sticker on the back, ask yourself that question.

Update: Not that anyone will be surprised, but Senators Bond, Talent, Brownback and Roberts all voted in favor of this idiocy.


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