Saturday, January 10, 2004

Political Honesty

Here's my concern: am I honest with myself politically?

I think the "special prosecutor" assigned to investigate Whitewater was a political witch-hunt, and a shameful chapter of Congressional history. Now, if the Democrats, by some miracle, were able to sic some leftist Ken Starr on Bush, would I be repulsed by the stupidity and irrelevance of it, as I was when the Republicans did it to Clinton?

I don't like Bush's policies. I think his tax policies are class warfare. I think his international policies are short-sighted assertions of a new American empire that will blow up in the face of this and future generations. I think his war was a triumph of neo-conservatives and people who stood to profit.

I sincerely hope I don't accept a double-standard. I hope that people will call me on it if they sense that I am more interested in scoring political points than in pursuing the best policies. I hope that I will have the self-discipline to praise Bush if he were to come up with policies that shared my values.


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