Friday, April 20, 2007

Funniest Saturday Night Live Skit Ever

The funniest Saturday Night Live skit ever was Jimmy Stewart on Sprockets. Here's the transcript - consider it my gift of mirth after a long, long week. Happy weekend, everyone!

Here's an excerpt to give you the flavor:
Dieter: Mr. Shtewart. Critic Graus Greck, in the latest issue of "Verdkunst," described your book as an asylum, vhere man meets his Creator and screams.

Jimmy Stewart: Well, uh, thank you, Dieter. That's, uh... Y'know--y'know, Gloria and I are big fans of YOURS.

Dieter: In your poem, "Old Rocking Chair," you write: "You sit in the corner/Old rocking chair/It makes me feel good/To know you are there."

Jimmy Stewart: Yeah...

Dieter: I feel emotionally obliterated.

Jimmy Stewart: I'm glad--glad--glad to HEAR that, y'see, good poetry is about DESTRUCTION.

Dieter: Under vhat conditions does a man experience such raw truth?

Jimmy Stewart: Well, Dieter, it's no picnic, I can tell you that right now. I was holed up in a Mexico City slum. I hadn't eaten in weeks, and what few pesos I had, I'd spent on alcohol. Some cheap crap called chocho. I was down and out. That's when I wrote "Good Old Rockin' Chair." You see, you've gotta go through the PAIN.

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