Wednesday, November 03, 2004

One Democrat's Feelings Today

A lawyer in St. Louis by the name of Jim Daher posted this to a listserve we both belong to, and I thought it reflected a fair amount of what I'm feeling today:
So I went to bed last night feeling hopeful. Blunt and McCaskill were tied. Kerry was down in the electoral votes, but none of the heavy hitters had weighed in yet. I still had faith in the American people -- surely the majority saw reason and voted accordingly.

I woke up this morning, feeling like the Omega Man. Blunt not only won, but the news was playing a small clip of him saying that this is "a wonderful opportunity to effect real change in tort law." Not only did Blunt win, but the Republicans won the house, both in Missouri and nationally. Bush is going to win Ohio, and that means more ultra-conservative judges on the Supreme Court. Of the 11 states with gay marriage on the ballot, all 11 lost. The only reasonable decision I heard this morning was that California passed stem cell research. The entire country slid into the toilet overnight.

To add to the problems, because Bush ran such a divisive campaign, based on his self-perceived moral superiority and Christ complex, he will be not only unable, but completely unwilling, to heal the massive sociopolitical rift he has caused in the country. Contrary to his statements from the 2000 election that he "is a uniter, not a divider", he is actually the biggest "divider" this country has seen in my lifetime. Based on his behavior over the past 4 years, it's plain that Bush is planning on ignoring the 49.98% of the country that hates his guts and disagrees with everything he stands for, and the country will be even MORE divided over the next 4 years.

I expect the following results from all of this: A woman's right to choose will be a thing of the past. Corporate accountability nationally, and pretty much the entire field of personal injury law in Missouri, will be a thing of the past. The socioeconomic rift in this country will grow much deeper. The US will continue to become more isolated from the rest of the world. Within the next four years, there will be another major terrorist attack within the continential United States, but this time, instead of evoking world sympathy, most of the world will shrug and say, "well, what did they expect, carrying on like that." The Patriot Act II will tighten Big Brother's (Ashcroft's) squeeze on our fast-fading civil liberties. Historically, every democracy on this planet has lasted an average of 200 years. They have each, without exception, been replaced by a dictatorship. Check your watch and notice the Prince who's sitting on the throne.

Meanwhile, the 25 nations of Europe will continue to band together and strengthen their international power. Working as a whole, they have a larger population than the US, and more money than we do. They're a bigger market, and have more sway in international matters. They don't have as much military, but they don't want it or need it. They spend their money on crazy stuff like health care, instead. They will
collectively emerge as the next world superpower, and history will remember this moment as the turning point -- when the US started its backward, xenophobic slide into religious zealotry, unwilling to acknowledge the irony of becoming that which they profess to hate.

My disgust is beyond mere words. If you want a visual of my emotional response to these election outcomes, picture the guy at the end of the original Planet of the Apes, kneeling in the sand on the beach, looking up at the broken Statue of Liberty, screaming "You blew it up! You damned fools! You blew it all up!"
I'm not quite as pessimistic as Jim, but I know how he's feeling . . .


Blogger RetroCon said...

Hate to drag up old posts... but I'm curious...

How do you figure your friend came to the conclusion that George W. Bush created the division in this country.

This country has changed so much over the past 50 years. I'm no homophobe, but I don't believe sexually explicit parades down main street are anything to be proud of. I believe, brutally dismembering viable fetuses (children), and sucking them out, only to throw them in the trash, labeled as biohazard, is not a choice anyone should be allowed to make.

Your friend speaks of losing civil liberties... Like the liberty of a parent to speak with their 12 year old, before that child is given a secret abortion by the school system.

The divisions in this country have nothing to do with G.W., they are due to moral changes this country is fighting over.

Dan, as you seem to defend Hillary from the haters elsewhere on this site, why don't you get realistic in your assignment of blame to Bush.

The left blames Katrina on W., but New Orleans had been lobbying congress and the Louisiana govt. for newer levees for forty years. Katrina was an American failure.

8/12/2007 10:01 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Thanks for reading the old stuff, too, Retro. As for my friend's comments, I suppose you would need to ask him your specific questions, but I'll explain why they resonated with me.

It is too much to say that Bush created divisions in the country, which is probably why my friend didn't make that claim. Bush did run a divisive campaign, but that is nothing new.

Your pointing out of "values issues" is insightful. There may be large and deep differences between the us-es and the thems in our country. Heck, I know plenty of people who are still disapproving of inter-racial dating.

Most of the moral issues you raise can be addressed with "don't do it". If gay pride parades offend you, then don't participate in one. If abortion offends you, then you certainly should not have one. If parents want to discuss abortion with their children and express their opinions on it, I have never, ever heard anyone say that they should not be able to discuss abortion with their children.

As for Katrina, my friend didn't even mention Katrina, but it seems to be on your mind (or conscience). There are two main areas of concern, and plenty of blame to be shared. Yes, prevention could have helped, and the time for that prevention spreads back to the good old days when the democrats controlled things.

Most of us who are angry with Bush for the impact of Katrina were boggled by his incredible insensitivity, playing guitar while people were dying, clowning around at his ranch, and flying over in Air Force One. He gave the job of head of FEMA to an incompetent friend, and people died as a result. Just think what a leader could have accomplished during such a crisis, instead of hiding in Crawford and clearing brush.

8/13/2007 6:11 AM  

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