Monday, October 25, 2004

Bush Tries Honesty for a Moment

Bush admitted that whether the United States can ever be fully safe from terrorism is "up in the air", and Kerry has jumped on him for it. While I understand why Kerry is doing it, I sincerely wish that he could resist the temptation.

Every thinking person knows that the United States will never be fully safe from terrorism - just days ago, Kerry was being attacked for expressing his hope that terrorism is reduced to the level of a nuisance. It's almost funny to watch the two sides eagerly trying to catch the other side telling the truth.

I know, I know, Bush deserves an extra scolding because he has been such a hypocrite, and because if Kerry had mouthed these words, he would be called a French surrender-monkey, but still.

This is the crazy time of the election - expect a whole lot of tit for tat and outrage and nonsense over the next week, from both camps.


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