Monday, October 25, 2004

Supplying the Terrorists

Less than one pound of this explosive took down the plane over Lockerbie. The Bush administration's refusal to plan for the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq has now handed over 380 tons of this explosive to terrorists. There is no greater security risk to the United States of America than the Bush administration.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're going to 'stay the course' - keep those explosive with the terrorists so that we can fight them over there. It's 'hard work' keeping those terrorist supplied with explosives, and I know it's hard work, we've got people working hard on those explosives. This just shows how the U.S. can not work with the U.N. especially after they told us what was there, and assured us of where to find them. We can't afford to pass this kind of global test. - 'w' :-^)

-Keith Sader

10/26/2004 7:37 AM  

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