Monday, October 04, 2004

Right Wing Double Standard

Remember how the right-wingers wanted to tar and feather Dan Rather after he was apparently duped by possibly forged documents? Will they summon up the same level of righteous indignation toward Fox News, for "accidentally" getting duped by a bogus communist group? Will it matter to thee right-wing zealots that the site that fooled their lap-dog has an "About Us" link that explains that it is a satirical 527 run by the Hellgate Republican Club?

Anybody who watches Fox News for news is willfully seeking out propaganda. Anybody who watches Fox News for entertainment value, though, may have a point . . .

Thanks to the indispensable Eschaton!


Blogger lj said...

So since your indignation precludes you from watching fox news I'm assuming the same is true for cBS.

Let's see, that leaves a few others....

Let's hope your trust in the other media networks go unchallenged otherwise you may be forced to resort to fair and balanced newspapers for your news, like say the New York Times.

I don't think we can hold them all to a standard of perfection and anyone who thinks CBS was in trouble simply because they made a mistake only has a shallow knowledge of the subject. What angered others was their insistence that they were right until proven wrong, while they knew all along they were wrong. Steely Dan and the old media continually underestimate the "pajama brigade."

10/04/2004 9:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be clear. CBS WAS in trouble for simply being wrong. There were conservatives calling for their heads before the first expert even glimpsed the papers. Secondly, the papers have yet to be inequivocally proven false, so if CBS really is holding back until the papers are PROVEN false, then they still haven't revokded their initial report.

I join Dan in waiting to see if conservatives jump on Fox for this, or if they instead sit back and prove themselves to be hypocrites.


10/05/2004 3:52 PM  
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