Sunday, October 03, 2004

Honey? I'm Home!!

Sorry for the extremely light blogging lately. First, I was off to NYC, to visit Sam, NYU, and a city that had changed vastly for the better in the past decade. The weather - upper 70s in the days, mid-60s in the evenings - made the city even more attractive than expected.

Sam obviously loves the city, and I can't blame him in the slightest. The pace is exciting, the diversity is inspiring, and the sense of being in the center of the universe is palpable. Oh, to be 19 years old and a college freshman in NYC, studying what I want to study!

I got home Monday night, and left Wednesday morning for the Missouri Bar Annual Meeting in St. Louis. It was a fine meeting, with plenty of highlights, but it was a little depressing for yours truly, having lost my reelection bid for the Board of Governors. I did manage to escape for a couple of delightful hours to sit at the Boathouse in Forest Park, drinking good beer and sitting in the shade in a rocking chair. The meeting itself was a well-deserved love-fest for my friend Bill Corrigan, who did a superb job in his year as president of the Missouri Bar.

While I was away, my logs show a significant up-tick in visitors to this site. Perhaps my audience enjoys me most when I'm absent!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Either way, it's nice to see you were absent for a nice reason - for a moment there I nearly thought you'd had a heart attack or something :)

Welcome back!


10/04/2004 2:28 AM  
Blogger lj said...

Good to have you back Dan.
Although I was hoping you may be away during November so you might not be able to vote. :)

NY is great. We loved it but glad to be home. I spend too much money when I go.

10/04/2004 9:09 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

I'll be voting, LJ, and I'll be voting in a swing state!

10/05/2004 6:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to have you back Dan.


10/05/2004 1:01 PM  
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