Thursday, April 15, 2010

If I Recall Correctly . . .

One of the funnier moments in my visit to the "Taking Our Country Backwards" tour came when some local radio guy handed the microphone over to a distant relative of President Obama (they share a great-great-grandfather). The guy started spouting debunked lies about health care reform (16,000 IRS agents? really? that lie got demolished weeks ago) and then begged people to go to

Ignore the fact that Dennis Moore is retiring. Ignore the fact that no congressperson has ever been recalled in the history of the United States. Ignore the fact that state recall of a federal officer faces some major constitutional hurdles. Go ahead and ignore the fact that Dennis Moore has not done anything wrong. Ignore all that pesky real world information.

The site he directs you to is a scam.

If you go to that site, which is registered to a proxy, it takes you to a blogspot page that features an internet petition, requiring you to surrender your email address in order to "sign" a "recall petition" purporting to support an "application to recall Congressman Dennis Moore".

Sorry, folks, that's not the way the real world works. If you signed this petition, I suspect you've put your email address on a list that is being sold world-wide as a prime source of gullible potential customers of pharmaceuticals, get-rich-quick schemes and whatever else they dream up.

This is NOT a legitimate recall petition.

If you want to see how the Kansas recall process works, go look here for how to do it.

I'll cut to the chase, though. It's not done by circulating an email petition.

Anybody who tells you it works that way thinks you're a chump.

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Blogger les said...

Anybody who tells you it works that way thinks you're a chump.

Hasn't this been obvious for some time? And, unfortunately, doesn't it largely work?

4/15/2010 9:21 AM  
Blogger The Independent Rage said...

Why would we want to recall Dennis Moore? He's finished. Plus we get a chance to vote against his wife in November -- which in some part diminished my disappointment at not being able to vote against him directly.

4/15/2010 3:40 PM  

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