Thursday, April 16, 2009

Neglecting the Blog

I try to produce at least one post six days a week, but the past week has seen three missed days, and the next couple days are looking kind of tough. I can't claim that the decrease in quantity has resulted in an increase in quality, either. Just lots of stuff going on.

Big stuff is coming soon, though. A few developments regarding the County and its Ethics Blackout are on the way. I'll get back to my more regular schedule. Thanks for those who continue to check in.



Anonymous inafunkaboutthefunk said...

Not having to read your normal pro-funk ramblings has been pleasant. Other than that, your blog is interesting and fun to look at.

4/16/2009 5:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

County Fair Opening May 4
Pie Eating and Largest Watermelon Contest on the agenda for opening day

Horse Racing and Mudslinging are seeking new contestants.

A sheep shearing competition will collect tons of new wool to pull over the taxpayers' eyes.

4/17/2009 2:38 AM  
Anonymous Nuke said...

Yeah right, you are probably at home sampling the latest batch o homebrew. And you didn't invite us... Waaaaah...

Seriously tho, don't sweat it. Any schedule is yours to make or change at will. Thanks for the notice you are still among the breathing tho.

4/17/2009 12:14 PM  
Blogger Hyperblogal said...

I'll wait for you.

4/17/2009 5:20 PM  

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