Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Books and Free Beer - Next Wednesday

The Kansas City Public Library will be hosting Tom Schlafly, the scion of a St. Louis family who, like me, is a recovering lawyer and a brewer. Unlike me, though, he brews a whole lot more than 10 gallons at a time - he is the founder of Schlafly Brewing, and two brew pubs. I've been to both, and heartily recommend them, though I must caution you that the Irish whiskey at the Tap Room is a bad thing to drink after many pints of the beer.

Tom has written a book - A New Religion in Mecca: Memoir of a Renegade Brewery in St. Louis - about his experiences in the world of barley, hops and yeast. He'll be speaking about the book, and offering up some of his brewery's products as free (!) samples on Wednesday, June 27th. The sampling's at 6, and the presentation is at 7, both at Central Library downtown. Go here to make your free reservations. He'll be introduced by local beer hero, John McDonald.

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Blogger ::Andrew:: said...

Thank God for a decent beer coming out of St. Louis.

6/21/2007 9:16 AM  

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