Monday, February 28, 2005

Guest Writer - Why is the Judiciary Under Attack

The following was posted in a lawyer listserve I belong to. I asked the author, David Ransin, for permission to post it here, because I think he places the current attacks on lawyers, the judiciary and the legal system into context.
Why are our judges under attack - accused of making law?

Because (and no, I'm not paranoid) it is all just one small part of the power grab underway against the entire civil justice system in their quest for absolute power, and we know what that does.

This is all part of a grand scheme to consolidate power.

The party seeking the power has very successifully villified "trial attorneys", are equally after worker's comp attorneys, and now bankruptcy attorneys....and attacks on other areas of the law will be coming soon...why? Because what these lawyers do costs businesses money and profit, and money and profit are superior in their minds to the welfare of the common man; first the trial attorneys, don't let them be able to hold "us" responsible for our mistakes and dangerous products, grant us immunity for all negligence of any kind above 250,000 in noneconomic damages regardless of the severity of the fault or the damages, if the little guy we hurt or kill wants to sue us, make sure he knows it might cost him tens of thousands if he loses just to scare him off, then make sure the masses who've been injured just a little ($5 each times 10,000,000) are at a severe disadvantage and make it much harder for them to mount a class action to keep us from fleecing the niave public, then when the common man making minimum wage with no health insurance becomes totally insolvent make it much harder for him to find a good attorney and file bankruptcy.......

Look around you, they control the whitehouse and congress, and they don't want judges changing (the common law) what they ram through congress.

We are headed toward class warfare as the poor and underprivileged are pitted against the rich, an age old scenario.

Remember the oft-repeated and almost always quoted out of context from Shakespeare about "first, kill all the lawyers"????

If you read that quote in the proper context, it was suggested as a necessary step to first kill all the lawyers because they are the guardians of the rights of the common man and total power and control could not be seized while the lawyers stood in the way.....

That's where we are heading, straight down hill and the naive masses are eating up the lies like "cake" and not seeing the truth.

Our rights are being eroded at an historically rapid rate and once taken away, it is a long and difficult road to get them back......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are right, our rights are being eroded. The best example is the sex-offender list. Missouri's list goes back 15yrs from the time the list became a law, which violates the ex post facto portion of the Constitution. Also, it denies due process, because you cannot go to court or use any other means to get your name off the list. Legislators and Judges alike would have to be total idiots if they buy the non-punitive and for the welfare of the children bullshit they have been shoveling for the past 10yrs. Missouri's governor is a Bush wannabe. To act like they are above the people who should not be on the list and deny their rights is a travesty. Yet they use this tough on offender rhetoric to further their pitiful political career, rather than standing up for what is right no matter how unpopular it is. It takes a real man\woman to stand up and convince the majority that they are right. Let's just hope Bush don't scratch his ass or he will pobably poke a Supreme Court Judge's eye out.

8/29/2005 5:32 PM  
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