Monday, March 29, 2004

Funniest Right-Winger(s) of the Week #4

Every now and then, I visit the sites of some more conservative bloggers and post my responses to their work. On several occasions, I've had people attempt to refute my positions, and then tell me to go back to my "talking points" from some leftist group. This has always left me somewhat puzzled, since my arguments are my own, and rarely are well enough phrased or researched to justify suspicion that they come from anybody but me.

Last week, though, I travelled twice to Jefferson City, and I had plenty of time to listen to am radio. Imagine my delight in hearing Rush Limbaugh shill his "Limbaugh Letter", which includes a "bonus gift":

It's elitist and cruel of me, I know, to laugh at the dozens (if that many suckers exist in the world) of intellectually-challenged Limbaugh listeners out there, painfully sounding out the words in Rush's 6 page book (any pictues in there?), lips moving and brows furrowed.

People, if you need talking points, you're only talking.


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