Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Caution! Republican strategies falling!

The supporters of OTB2 (One Term Bush the Second) are having a tough time coming up with talking points. Some have tried to assert that Kerry is not articulate - only to realize that is not a strategery that OTB2 can win. They also floated the idea that Kerry is a waffler, only to have Kos put the beat-down on them.

It must be a hard time to support OTB2. The polls are scary. The man you thought would be isolationist is jumping into every fight on the globe. The party you thought would be fiscally conservative is running up massive deficits. The media empires that support him are pumping smut into your living rooms.

I would be more sympathetic, but some of you (not a majority of the nation's citizens, or of Florida's citizens - but a majority of the Supreme Court, including Ducky Scalia) actually voted for this embarassment.


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