Friday, January 15, 2010

What to Brew? Two Batches, 20 Gallons, One Day

It looks like Monday will bring temperatures above freezing, and I have the day off in honor of MLK Day. I've promised beer to a few events, and I got a sweet new boiler for Christmas I'm eager to blow some propane through.

I have a great, malty Oktoberfest in kegs, and a deep, rich Traditional Bock. What should I brew next? I can make two batches, and I would prefer that I not brew more than one lager (cold storage space is not limitless).

Right now, I'm thinking of a hoppy Amber Ale, and perhaps a Schwarzbier, both of which I brewed last year and went over very well. On the other hand, I love trying now recipes, so it might be time to try a Scottish ale, or an alt. Now would also be a good time to brew a cream ale, since we have a big Mardi Gras party coming up, and it's good to have something everybody will like.

Out of the 81 styles in the Beer Judge Certification Program guidelines, what should I brew?

(If you want to swing by on Monday and see some all-grain homebrewing (while sampling the aforementioned Oktoberfest and Bock), consider yourself invited. Just drop me a note.

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Blogger bigsmithdude said...

dammit man! why must you tempt me with these posts! i am fixing to brew a Scottish ale myself so it would be nice to have something for which to compare it. a full-bodied IPA would also be nice. do you have any stouts or porters in the tanks? :)

1/17/2010 8:53 PM  

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