Friday, August 29, 2008

Free Beer Tomorrow!!

I talked to the people at 75th Street Brewery a little while ago, and they say the homebrew contest will run from 12:00 until 4:00 tomorrow, and they'll announce the winner at 6. Better yet, they say they won't be charging people to "judge", so that means free beer.

Come on out and taste the beers brewed by local amateurs - I'm sure there'll be some tasty, creative, and impressive beers. If you happen to like the German Wheat or the Honey Beer, so much the better, but even if you don't - come out and see what the homebrewers have come up with.

The winner wins the honor of having the 75th Street Brewery brew up an entire batch of his or her recipe, and then having it sold on tap. In other words, 75th Street gets a new recipe of a beer that it already knows its customers like, without having to pay for Research and Development. Sounds like a win/win to me.

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Anonymous Rhymes With Right said...

Best of luck, Dan. Wish I was close enough to have some of your "Palin Porter".

8/29/2008 7:17 PM  

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