Friday, October 22, 2004

Jack Danforth

I saw Jack Danforth speak at lunch today. He is a former Senator from Missouri, and he headed up the Waco investigation. He is now U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

Jack Danforth is an example of what the Republican Party should be, but is not. He expressed his disappointment in the isolationist morons at the convention who booed when the United Nations was mentioned, and spoke glowingly of the need for the United States to be multi-lateral in such a complex world with such terrible problems, while pointing out that when it is necessary to stand alone, we should be willing to do so.

The emotion in his face as he spoke of the crisis in Sudan was impressive. Jack Danforth is a strong, moral leader, coming from a party that has lost its moorings. If he were truly representative of the Republican Party, it would not tolerate the amoral jackals that dominate it today.


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