Saturday, September 11, 2004

New Link on the Side

I have resisted focusing on polling data, because I believe it feeds intellectual laziness and starves concentration on legitimate issues. Furthermore, many of the polls are intentionally or unintentionally skewed - it appears, for example, that the 14% margin for Bush in Missouri this past week was due to sloppy dialing.

That said, I'm adding the link to the Current Electoral Vote Predictor to my sidebar, because it seems to be the most authoritative and balanced source of polling information for those who cannot resist the attraction of political peepshows (myself included in that category).

(I had intended to add the link when Bush had the lead, to insulate myself from charges of unseemly gloating. Unfortunately for my spotless reputation, Bush's lead didn't last until the weekend.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's always the issue with polls, isn't it. They've got to be really big to even have a remote chance of predicting something correctly, and even if they ARE big enough they easily become skewed.

...and even if the are big enough AND unbiased, people sometimes change their mind with short notice, and then the results from a poll means nothing in the end :)


9/13/2004 11:49 AM  

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