Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Let the Counting Begin

It is now a little after 7:00 in Missouri, and the polls have closed, and the counting has begun. Tipped off by News-Head-O-Rama, I will be watching the results online at the Secretary of State's site.

Will Missouri enshrine anti-gay fear and prejudice in its Constitution? I fear it will. Will we allow a casino to exist in Rockaway Beach, in the heart of the Bible belt? I hope so, and believe it will happen.

Tomorrow morning, we'll deal with the aftermath. I'll be happy to see the Holden-McCaskill contest finished - the winner will, I have heard, have a $6 million warchest waiting to help him or her take on the half-witted spawn of an incompetent congressman, Matt Blunt. Godspeed to Bob or Claire!

I'm hoping that Cleaver wins over Metzl, but I hope it is close enough to avoid discouraging the young, the enthusiastic and the wealthy who jumped in on Metzl's campaign. He activated a fine demographic, and I'd love to see them around for the longterm.


Blogger Michael said...

Thanks for the link. I think it's a great site. Two years ago in November when I found it I think I googled it (election results) I could not believe it. The results sometimes come in faster than I could hit the refresh button. As far as Matt Blunt goes you will need every bit of that 6 million to beat him in November.

8/03/2004 8:54 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

You may be right. Make that $6,000,100. Thanks for the inspiration!

8/03/2004 9:01 PM  

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