Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Good Bush Move

Bush announced yesterday that he would begin a dacade-long process of redeployment of US troops, reducing our expensive and unnecessary presence in Germany and other Western European countries. While I am no military expert, the plan sounds prudent and well-reasoned.

When I first heard the news, my thought process was kind of funny. I was truly surprised to find a decision of the Bush Administration that I had no argument with. Then it struck me how sad and polarized he has made this country. In a world where the Bush adminisration has set out to dismantle our international standing, civil rights and environmental protections, a common-sense decision like yesterday's stands out as a shining beacon of good judgment.

It shouldn't be this way. Bush has shown one instance of good government in three and a half years of running the country. Let's not pat him on his head too vigorously.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

However, that'll just free up troops that can be used other places. And knowing Bush, that probably means either Syria or Iran...

8/17/2004 4:23 PM  
Blogger lj said...

I was actually going to post on my blog on the "our country is divided" comments that I've been hearing a lot lately, and I still may.

I would agree with it to an extent, although I think that the issues that have come to the forefront are so hotly contested, it appears the fire is hotter.

Everyone has a vantage point and we all watch news, read the paper and visit web sites with skepticism. We wonder, what are they really trying to say? And then we take an opposite stance, one in which we find comfort, and blast away. Sometimes I'll admit, even without thinking. I will even visit your blog ready to disagree, when in reality, I should check my emotions before I form an opinion. This could be attributed to both sides and both could learn the lesson.

This seems particularly true of Kerry, and I don't mean that in a divisive way. It just seems to me that he takes a position just to oppose Bush. He knows that's what his side wants him to do and he finds comfort there. That would explain the flip-flops.
What say ye? It must be frustrating watching him.

8/19/2004 10:02 PM  

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